Calls per hour KPI

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Calls per hour KPI
Is it industry standard to include any Outbound calls made while the agent has is in the middle of an Inbound call as part of their Calls per Hour KPI? Or is it considered as inflating that particular KPI? For exampl, I take an Inbound call but need to contact an internal department to answer a question, while the client is on hold, no transferring, is that Outbound call including in Calls per hour KPI? Any suggestions/feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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Don't measure Calls Per Hour
Don't measure Calls Per Hour as a KPI. It is a very crude measure and will produce the wrong behaviours.

Always measure something that has a results based metric such as quality score, sales volume or customer satisfaction.

If you measure measure Calls Per Hour as a KPI you will get agents rushing calls and decreasing customer satisfaction. I have seen it many times. It just doesn't work.

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