Case studies for the Effectiveness of Web Chat

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Operations Manager

Im in the process of trying to convince some key stakeholders on the beneifts of Web Chat.

I have searched online but havent really found any good case studies / info that I can review, does anyone have any experience of webchat or case studies thy can share?


Customer Service Manager

Watford Community Housing Trust

Hi Lee,

I would suggest that your best bet would be to contact a few potential providers and be honest about your concerns. Most half decent providers would bend over backwards to provide you with case studies and business case assistance if it means the increased possibility of sealing a deal with you. After all, all of their clients will have had to go through the same thing you are, so they will surely have someone that can help you or put you in contact with one of their existing clients who can.

Good luck with it anyway and let us know how you get on - Web chat is something on my ever growing 'to do' list too so would love to hear how it all turns out for you.



Director of Customer operations


Hi, We just completed a Proof of concept on web chat using two solutions, egain and Live Chat inc. We ran each brand on our car rental web site for 3 weeks each. We concluded that web chat as a tool most certainly had a positive impact on conversions and was widley supported as a positive move by our customers. I suppose like all tools its how and where you use them that determines how effective they will be. we carefully selected the touch points on our site that triggered a web chat prompt. Our POC is now complete and we have chosen Live Chat Inc fr reasons of funcionality and price. Good luck with your web chat process.


Paul McGovern

Marketing Director


Do you ask customers to use headsets ? If not, how is the audio quality ?

Head of Marketing


Hi Lee

I would be happy to have a discussion with you on the benefits of web chat. Feel free to contact me at anytime


Lead Product Management


Web Chat is another niche and is an integral part of modern day Contact Center Solutions. It uses all aspects of Inbound Call Routing, Queuing routing the chat to the best agent to handle it. The success of any Web Chat deployment really depends on how efficiently it can route chats to the best agents !

Also chats needs to be stored and easily available to admins to review them later for agent efficiency and record keeping just like call recordings.

Web and Voice
We have recently launched web chat, but looking to extend this into our Customer care team to handle a chat and call at the same time. We understand this may take some time for the agent to get use to multi skill but does anyone currently do this today?

How long did it take?
What were the main challenges?
How many chat do they manage now and a call?

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