Cell Phone Policies: Remote Workers

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Cell Phone Policies: Remote Workers
How does your company approach policy and procedures around cell phone use by remote employees (restricting cell phone use)? How do you ensure compliance?

I've done a bit of internet searching and can't seem to turn up anything! I'm sure our organization isn't the only one working through these questions.


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Video Cameras/ Web Cam
The only area that I have heard of to ensure compliance for Home Workers is the ability to record the advisor using Video cameras. This can ensure that the advisor is at their desk at the time specified. This is best if there is a live feed.
This would typically need to be in their employment contract.

Having previously set up a home working team of around 100 FTE, like Jonty mentioned, it was wrote in their employment contract regarding the non use of personal mobiles during working hours. TM's would do regular home visits for 1-2-1's, check their work set up, compliance factors etc. however the biggest factor was trust & treating them like adults. That said, when systems were down, their personal mobile was often the only option to contact them remotely, both from a welfare point of view & for IT to fix any tech issues.

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