Challenging the 55% 38% 7% Rule

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Challenging the 55% 38% 7% Rule (body language/tone words - Mehrabian)
Given how heavily this concept tends to feature in Call Centre/Customer Service Training, just wondering whether anyone had any thoughts on the attached article

which challenges the split between body language, tone and words?





Thanks Zoe interesting article.

I think most soft skills traines are aware of Mehrabian (its always wise to be able to quote ones sources) however I find few actually know his experiement in detail and its relevance/transference/limitations. I only discovered it myself by searching his extensive self publicising site and perhaps there is a clue to how the 'legend' began.

Most trianers will say "its just a theory" and that is all it is.

The theorists they train will latch onto it and it will aid them to learn however the pragmatists will always find exceptions to the rule and prefer to see how it performs rather than swallow it unreservedly.

There seems little other research on the subject and whilst its wise to challenge and know ones source material/reasons for usage its difficult to contradict a client who wants it included because they trust it and its been around 40 years. Doesn't make it right though.....

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