Change the way you think!

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Change the way you think!
I worked at the halifax call centre in leeds. I finished there last summer when i left uni. In general the job kinda sucked, i don't think it was actually so bad, more that i had high expectations for myself and cos i was doing philosophy at uni i thought i could contribute much more than just answering phones.
Nevertheless, i look back fondly on one thing there... angry customers! I loved loved loved the challenge of an angry customer. I saw fellow agents in tears after being given a rough time by a customer but i thrived on it, i loved the opportunity to placate the customer and turn the whole situation around. For me that was hugely stimulating. Employing all my skills to pacify the customer and make them grateful.
It was also, i think, very meaningful and very rewarding. I mean, customers are people, and people shouldn't have to live with upset and i think that most of us would do all we can for someone we saw upset or hurting or angry because we are naturally compassionate and altruistic. So it made no sense to me than to see the customer exactly the same, and i loved the sense of achievement when i could transform a difficult customer into a grateful and pleased customer.
I think the future of training depends upon agents engaging with their customer with more awareness, because more awareness results in different responses. Just think of this...

You receive an angry customer - you get frustrated.

You receive an angry customer who says he is on the verge of bankruptcy - you feel compassion.

Such a huge change in response through just a little more information and awareness.

If call centre staff want to be happy and want job satisfaction then they need to take responsibility and start to think a little differently. There is plenty of joy to be found in call centre work, but whilst people moan and groan and gripe about their job then they are condemning themselves above anyone else. At the end of the day, only you experience your stress directly. If you don't like it and you want something different, then it is upto you to make it happen.



The way you think
Hi Richard,

Totally agree every word u say. I work as a supervisor in a contact centre myself and one thing that staff always shirk away from or hate doing is talking with an irate customer.

As per for me, my job is handling only escalated im in agreement that when you placate the customer and get his job done, there is no greater thrill.

Cheers !

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