Changes to Call Recording and the introduction of GDPR

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Changes to Call Recording and the introduction of GDPR
With the introduction of GDPR what are peoples thoughts on the purpose of call recording and whether the recording of your calls meets one to the 6 conditions laid out regulations. I have read that recording just for training and monitoring may not be enough going forward! The 6 conditions are :

1. The people involved in the call have given consent to be recorded.
2. A recording of a call is necessary for the fulfilment of a contract.
3. Recording is necessary for fulfilling a legal requirement.
4. The call recording is necessary to protect the interests of one or more participants
5. The call recording is in the public interest or necessary for the exercise of official authority.
6. Recording is in the legitimate interests of the recorder, unless those interests are overridden by the interests of the participant in the call.



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Food for thought
Food for thought. I had not thought too much about the impacts of GDPR on call recording.

Great article on GDPR's impact on call recordings
Thanks Emma. There's definitely lots to think about. But surprisingly there's very little information available on the whole topic of GDPR and call recordings. That's crazy, considering the impact it's going to have on businesses of all sizes.

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