Changing Opening times

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Changing Opening times
Currently our helpdesk is open grom 9-30 - 23:30
We have currently around 3000 calls a week.
Does somebody know how we can calculate what our call volume will do when we change our openingtimes to 9-18 ?


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Work on a percentage of calls calling back
No easy answer to this one, but you will find that a percentage of calls that you normally would answer between 18:00 and 23:30 will call back the following day. You have not said what type of business if for the propensity to call back, but in many businesses you can assume that around 60% will call back the following day, skewed towards the morning, 20% the following week and 20% will never call back. You could probably model this skewed behaviour on a spreadsheet.
It would be a good idea to get them to leave you a message so that you can call them back when you are quiet.

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