Chat Concurrency Cost Calculation

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Chat Concurrency Cost Calculation

Assuming you have a concurrency of 1.7, an AHT of 20 mins and a CPM of .18 cents per minute, what would be the chat total chat cost per chat? How would this be calculated? Please illustrate.



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Divide by concurrency
Hi Dave

Would you multiply or divide by 1.7 With concurrency one advisor can handle multiple chats at the same time.

I was working at it ...
I was working at it from the cost side as the question was cost per chat.

I see your point about concurrency, but for an exact cost I would factor the full cost.

Jeff as Jonty says, if you wish to allow for the cost on concurrency exactly the equation changes as he says to:

Both are *technically* correct :-) Bit like shrinkage, Service Level or IOT calculations, depends exactly what you are looking for!


Dave A

Concurrency doesn't necessarily associate with efficiency, lower cost or better customer experience. It still takes the same amount of time to deal with a customer whether it is concurrent with another customer chat or not. The customer experience however will be a transaction that takes longer than if he/she were being dealt with 1:1.

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