Coaching and Continual Development

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Coaching and Continual Development
I'm currently involved with setting up a brand new contact centre that will deal with calls, emails, letters, faxes etc.
We have no processes in place yet and I'm looking at the coaching and continual development side of the centre.
I would be grateful of any information, assistance or general hints and tips in this area that anyone could give.
Specifically quality monitoring of emails and coaching regarding this, the conversation cycle (inform, invite, listen, aknowledge) or any other version of communication cycle and coaching relating to it and any information on self-coaching for staff.


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Self Coaching & Continual Development
Hi Leanne

Have you thought about elearning & coaching? If not visit and sign up for a free trial. Skillbites offers over 175 courses online, including coaching, written communication, verbal communication, telephone techniques and so on.

The concept is very simple, visit the site sign up for the free trial, choose which areas interest you then sign up for that course. Then on a daily basis you will be emailed a module for that programme on a daily basis or you can choose to do the programme there and then online.

In addition you can use the personal Training Planner to assess your skills gaps and then the system will build a personal training plan specifically for you and recommend which programmes you do.

There are 2 ways in which the system can be used, individuals or small companies can use the standard skillbites site or you can have your own re branded corporate version. If you choose the corporate version then you can also upload your own programmes into it, which means that you can offer induction training, or product training or anything you require your people to know.

Take a look and see what you think.


Nick Fry

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Cycle of Learning

great that you are looking for a solution to coach your agents. Making agents more effective will mean that you will coach and train them.

We developped a tool that will help managers to increase revenue and decrease costs while agents get more feedback and will become more happier in their job. Creating training becomes very easy while you can create a training clip on the fly.

just take a look at our website at If you require additional information just send me an email on

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Coaching and Continual Development

Coaching not training is the key to the success of your teams and of course the business.
You must ensure that coaching is carried out in various formats and of course is constructive.
Happy to discuss this further. or call 07817 517216


ABC Training Solutions

In a computer manufacturer call centre I worked at, we designed a call monitoring process, with the help of the agents. The result was a monitoring assessment sheet that covered all aspects of the incoming call. Staff were assessed on a rating scale against each element of the call. It was then used as the basis of the feedback from the Coach to the Agent. Eventually the performance management system was built on the back of the on-going results of side-by-side and remote monitoring. It became a bit of a competition between agents as to who could get the highest score. A copy of the sheet can be found at - page 4 of 5 of free trainer resources - entitled 'Telephone Skills - Standards'. Feel free to download/adapt/use as a basis of discussion with your new agents.
Also on our website, we have a fully developed, ready-to-deliver Telephone Skills course, complete with powerpoint slides, trainers notes and dlegate handouts.
Hope that helps. Happy Days!
Bryan Edwards

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Communications skills
Hi Leanne,

We have recently designed a communcation skills module for our call centre agents relating to the difference between face to face and over thephone communication, how we communicate, getting your point accross etc. We have also written a Learning Skills module which details how people think and learn and the best techniques to ensuring that people are taking in the material being delivered to them.

If you're interested in hearing more, let me know and we can swap e-mail addresses.


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