Complaints stand alone solution

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Complaints stand alone solution

I am currently looking for a solution that will manage complaints and enable insight and RCA,the current CRM system that we are developing is a long way off being able to do what I require as the catogiorisation is limited. I would like a system that can interface with our current system. Previously I have used MS Sliverlight and I was satisfied with this but do not have an expert at my current company. Failing this can anyone recommend an off the shelf solution that they have used previously and is fit for purpose? I work for a Social Housing Organisation and want to be able to gain real customer insight through our complaints.

Many thanks in advance.


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Ask Martin Jukes
Hi Amanda
Not really an expert on this one, but probably the best contact is Martin Jukes of mpathy. He does a lot of work in the social housing area.

You can look him up on LinkedIn

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