Computing FTE for Chat account

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Computing FTE for Chat account
Hi Everyone,
I am from an aviation Call Center which is planning to launch a chat facility in our center. i would just like to ask if how can we compute for the FTE requirement for this project? so far this has been my computation and i hope to have it validated by the experts! :)

volume: 3500 per month
AHT of 950 secs
concurrency of 2.3 to 3 chats per agent

first i compute for the chats per hour:

then divided the volume with the chats per hour and baked in the shrinkages and project the computation to get a weekly HC reqts

=chat volume/chats per hour/working hours in a week less shrinkage
=13 agents

I really hope you guys can help me on this!


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Computing FTE for Chat account
Hi Martin,

I have couple of observations a) occupancy in not considered while calculating FTE & b) the volume 3500 per month whereas you have considered 40 hrs per FTE in your calculation.


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