Conducting Training Needs Analysis

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Conducting Training Needs Analysis
Hi All,
Can anyone out there please tell me if there is an industry standard for conducting training needs analysis in a new Call Centre environment. What I am looking for should basically be targeted at identifying CSRs' deficiencies on the job and areas of further development.



Conducting Training Needs Analysis

I'm not aware of any industry that defines the standard of its TNA's. Depth of analysis is usually decided byt the traning department. TNA's should always be focussed on the employees skills gaps for that particular role wihtin that particular organisation. Hope this helps.


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Conducting Training Needs Analysis

I realy appreciate your response, your designation says you are a freelance call centre trainer. would it be possible for you to send me a brochure on the type of training you have on offer and let me see if we could work something out from this end with regards to training our Call Centre Staff. My email address is

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Jubril, you'd definitely need a god trainor. do you already have any thoughts on the software or training programs you might need to invest on?



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Conducting Training Needs Analysis
Dear Luke,
I saw your response, and currently we dont have a training software per se, the bulk of our training programs revolve around basic Call Centre Induction Training for new Staff and Refresher courses for old staff on different aspects of the business.
However, I am open to any ideas you might have that have worked in simillar environments to this.

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Jubril CBT
You can save a lot of time in Training and also lessen Trainer stress by focusing mor on interactive software. By this agents will be able to learn at their own pace andyou can focus individually on who needsthe most help. Email me at for more info on how tis can work best for your training and agent efficiency



CBT - not all its cracked up to be

>>>You can save a lot of time in Training and also lessen Trainer stress by focusing more on interactive software.

The point of training is not to "save time", or indeed to "lessen trainers stress". The point of training is to ensure that learning takes places and is implemented to the required standard afterwards both in the short and long term.

>>>By this agents will be able to learn at their own pace and you can focus individually on who needsthe most help.

Plenty of other experiential learning methods offer this focus including project work, literature review, information search, survey, problem expoloration, pair work, personal development work, narrative, diary, mental, open access, activity based, shadow, placement etc etc.

If you want to offer advice on how CBT best fits a company's training and agent efficiency I suggest you learning beforehand.

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Thanks for the info. I was just helping Jubril by suggesting SW development. We are very knowledgeable in SW development. The truth of the matter is trainees can learn and understand well with or without Interactive software. I'm just advising that SW has more benefits and can save a lot of time and paperwork compared to non-software use. Which we both agree upon. :)



Not so Luke
>>> I'm just advising that SW has more benefits and can save a lot of time and paperwork compared to non-software use. Which we both agree upon. :)

No we dont. You have made an assumption sir and please justify your assertion that SW has MORE benefits than non-software.

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I'd like to discuss your queries without any arguments that lead your post into pointlessness. Just email me a and we'll go on from there.



CBT - not all its cracked up to be

In learning and development circles the jury is still very much out on CBT, training in general is well known for its ability to attract passing fads and trendy training theories and practices. CBT is frequently debated in the press and on websites but often tangible results and empirical data are not there to support it. I think its not disputed thought that its a very useful independent learning tool for IT applications.
As for call centres, its implementation is governed more by the companies attitude to training and staff development more than delivery method itself.
Dedicated call centres with a strong need to have excellent product knowledge e.g.. mobile phone companies, technical applications, IT helpdesks etc usually have strong high profile learning and development departments.
Outsourcers usually have a great deal of focus on profit and uptime and limited investment in training and development as such resources and training is limited, again top level management attitude to learning is key.
Whilst there are several generic packages around on all sorts of skills sets for agents and managers, no one as yet (to my knowledge) has designed any killer call centre applications.

The jury is still out on ROI for computer based learning although mostly its just regarded as another tool in the toolbox and in the area of soft verbal communication based skills it will have difficulty matching (or measuring) the flexibility of and complexities of human interaction. Learning and development are still evaluating its effectiveness and ROI, its going to need a strong learning culture from the top down in any organisation to sustain it and realise its potential.

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The below is a personal opinion.

I hate CBT applications.

I find them limiting with very little allowance
for personal initiative.

I've tried packages that do;

Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint and Frontpage.


Apportioning Expenses.

Letter writing.

MS Project.

Team Management.

Meeting Organisation.

Conflict Handling and resolution.

Sales Objection Handling.

So it's not just a knee jerk reaction.

I find that in MOST cases the input expected
is too limiting. For example the Office packages expect you to go
to the file menu and select copy rather than either the CtrlC or the

There's very little allowance for personal style.

All IMHO of course


Chief Operations Officer


Conducting Training Needs Analysis

i dont think there is a single industry standard for conducting TNAs. everything should be customized according to what exact type of business you do for your call centre. know your client inside out... the products they sell or service they provide and the exact job description of your CSRs according to your client. then on you'll figure out and start to identify which part of your CSR's skills you'd need to improve on.

example, I have been managing training for a "directory assistance call center". i have then figured out that one of the biggest area that they should improve on would be their knowledge of american geography (our clients are landline providers in the US). in your case, i'd like to ask what kind of services does your company do? ... 1. do you take inbound or outbound calls or tech-support via internet? anyway, i hope my insights help you out.

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Call Centre Training
Dear Jubril SABA

I just thought i would drop you a quickline as i saw your message on Call Centre Voice regarding Training Needs Analysis. I suspect that you have addressed your need by now, but if not the reason i decided to respond, is that we have just run a programme for a few people from your Credit control team in Nigeria and we have a specialist Call Centre Training Team and work heavily in the mobile and telecommunications market.

If you think there maybe an opportunity that we might be able to assisst you with please do call me on +44 (0)1252 711216

Kind regards

Nick Fry
Progress International Ltd

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Sinja Masterstrokes

Training needs Analysis


These few lines could be of help.

1) There cannot be standard processes in a competiive & evolving market driven area of activity.

2) However there could be standard methods like recipe book.

3) Even the best written recipe needs to have either an experienced hand at the cooking pan or be mentally prepared to the possibility of doing a bad job & learning from it. But it helps to have an experienced hand to help you do it the first time " without burning the bacon."

4) Conducting a training needs analysis is like defining the various ingredients you need to cook for a great party.

5) Recipes & Cook books may help but having an experienced hand reduces the risk of messing it up while enabling you to observe & learn while you decide whether you want to take it up the next time by yourself or justify the cost in terms of a job well done.

Have a great party.


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Skills and Competency model
This question has been on the moind of Contact Centre employers for a long while now.

We told the DfES last year and they allowed us to develop the Contact Centre Career and Skills Framework.

I'm not advertising as the product is free and we are a not for profit group. It's simply a skills and coompetency framework developed with over 100 Contact Centre employees which defines the skills and competencies which should be seen in a Contact Centre.

At least it may show the skills that you should be auditing against.

More info can be found at

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I am currently going through the process of conducting a TNA and gap analysis within my own organisation. Whilst there is a wealth of information on the internet from various sources, I have not yet found an industry standard.
The free resources on the web will provide you with some pro-formas and guide you through a TNA process, but this requires time. If funds allow, I think by far the most effective way to carry out a TNA is to out-source this. TNA's can encompass technical and soft skills as wel as personal competencies so you need to be clear about why you are doing a TNA and what you want to achieve from it. Are you simply trying to identify gaps in skills, or find smarter ways of working?
To do a search on the web I found the best question to ask on one of the search engines is Training Needs Analysis how to do.
I noted on some of the responses that different types of training were brought to the forum and again the best approach is to look at blemded training, which incorportaes e-learning and classroom based learning. E-learning can be very effective for back up or refresher training.
Hope this helps

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conducting training needs analysis

I have read about discussions on training standards. I think we can start on it by conceptualizing training metrics. Actually, I have a hard time identifying them by myself. If anybody can share with me a set of metrics or criteria for training programs/plans, I would appreciate...

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