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We are trying to make our call centre a pleasant & enjoyable place to work. what do you guys put in your office to keep your agents happy?

We are about to move into a new office and have asked the staff for suggestions on what they would like to see there. For example, a specific theme or items to help the day pass faster?

Suggestions so far have been:

Breakfast buffet

TV screens (already have those)

Fish tank

Games console

More plants

What do you guys do? any suggestions welcome

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Pixie dust :-)

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just kidding..but no really I am teaching a Customer Service Program utilizing the Disney theme and book called "Inside the Magic Kingdom, Seven Keys to Disney's Success"! Its a great resource ...who knows better about creating fantastic customer service than Disney. Its great for overhauling the culture in the center!

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I would also aprricate some new ideas! My guys all seem down at the moment! Sydney weather isnt helping! I have tried cinema tickets as prizes to weekly competitions keeps everyone going but now they seem a bit bored of that!

Have you tried some team based leisure activities? I find that not everyone working in a call centre is into video games, but even female employees jump into the occasional game of foosball/table tennis/pool. It's great for team bonding during breaks/lunches.



Try to decorate wall which your team can relate with and give it a personal touch. We had wall of Fame in which we paste the picture of star of the month. We also have a wall with our agents palm prints.You can have a Friday as fun activity day where agents can win small prizes. Most importantly spend as much time as possible with them.



That is really a quite hard question maybe food is better to make all your agent do well their work.In Finland country i been a in a call center or customer service and as an call center it is professional if you do your job well and i think office for me it is not a matter because now a days their are many call center are working from home too.

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