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Does anyone have any ideas about how much it costs for a web chat?

In particular how it compares with a voice call or an email to handle in a contact centre?

I've never seen any figures published on it. My presumption is that it probably costs more than a phone call.

Any guidance appreciated.


Interesting question given how many variables feed 'cost per contact' models.

As an agent can handle more than one

or two simultaneous conversations you would tend to see a reduction in CPC.

However, this on itself may be tempered

by a higher desk overhead cost with the

increased technology costs.

From last years PPF Awards Office Depot

had seen a propensity for clients to favour

the webchat over voice channels, so, maybe

cost isn't the only factor?




Call Centre Helper

I think that the agent can handle more web chats, but the webchats seem to take longer than a phone call.

Perhaps they balance each other out?


I had experience of this when I first took over my current team.

It's a nightmare to manage, because if you don't have the capacity to answer all the chats, we ended up with people going on the forum and kicking off.

Our agents handle email tickets, calls and when they had 2-3 chats at a time to handle, it honestly started to come apart at the seams, and we ended up having to knock it on the head.

One of the biggest issues is customers literally sitting on the chats for hours. No joke. If I remember correctly the record was 6 hours.

I suppose it depends on what you're providing support for, but when it's a build it yourself ecommerce solution and you give customers the ability to tie up an agent for as long as they want, with no charge, they'll take full advantage!

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