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Hello - we are a public sector organisation with circa 250,000 calls per annum and an average call handling time of 160secs. I'd be really interested in your thoughts as to what our cost per call average should/could be? Do you know the best place to go to benchmark various contact centre stats?


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It all depends upon the types of call that you take..

I would imagine that your cost per call would probably be in the range from £2.50 to £5.00 per call depending on the salaries that you pay, the number of calls handled per day and they way that you calculate overheads.

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The call types are mainly information provision, "how to apply..." "dates and times and types of service" etc for any complex calls there is handoff to backoffice. Our service is provided by a third party and I'd like to benchmark our provision more effectively than we do currently.

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Hi There,

A really good way to calculate your cost per call, is to calculate your total expenses [salaries, rent, training, HR, PCs...etc] per annum. After that you simply have to dvide your total cost by the total number of calls you receive per annum. That should give you a good idea about your cost per call.

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Thanks for responding. I do actually know what our cost to serve is as I know contact volume and costs per provision, but what I don't know is whether this cost per contact is good or bad. Are we getting value for money or not really is what I'm asking. It's not my area of specialism and I don't know if there are industry standards as to what contact centres should be costing a business etc or somewhere I can go and benchmark the stats I've got against others?

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