Cost per channel (call, mail, chat, messaging ,etc.)

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Cost per channel (call, mail, chat, messaging ,etc.)
Dear all,

I'm looking for a study or any materials stating how much each type of contact cost in average. Like:
1 call = 6$ (or€)
1 web chat = 2$

If the study also describe how many contacts are necessary by channel that would be great. For instance we know that eMail cost less than a phone call but generally you need several eMail to solve an issue, making the eMail in the end more expensive than a phone call.

Looking forward to reading your insights!

Kindest regards,



Call Centre Helper

The Average Contact Centre Cost Per Call is £3.50
We did a poll a little while ago and the average cost per call was £3.50

It looks like a Live Chat is approx the same cost as a phone call

Cost per contact or cost per resolution
We have done a lot of work in comparing cost per channel, cost per contact and cost per interaction. My summary is that whilst there may be an average or a benchmark, unless the comparitor is identical it can be misleading. For example, I have seen many channel shifts initiatives move calls to portal. The enquiry is then dealt with by an Advisor who inevitably has to call the customer!. The only advantage is that the call can be scheduled but it then depends upon the customers availability.

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