Counting emails in abandoned calculation?

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Counting emails in abandoned calculation?
I run a call centre of blended skills; Inbound, Outbound, Webchat, and Email. I've gone back and forward on whether to count the volume of emails in my abandoned calculations or not.
On one hand, they come in on top of a call, so should count as overall volume and workload, but none are counted as abandoned because they all get answered, even if outside GOS, so including them in the volume for abandoned on a daily, weekly, monthly and YTD calculation gives better results, but is this falsified? How do others do it?
(GOS for email is different too; 100% in 24 hrs, as opposed to 80%/40sec)


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Abandoned only applies to Voice and Live Chat
Hi Emma

This is a tough one.

Abandoned only applies to Inbound Voice and Live Chat, so probably should only be reported on those channels.

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