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Im about to move a manager into a position purely for training new inductees, supporting some TNA (for his colleagues) and doing occasional QA again for new starters or those under-performing.

The role has been scoped, is achievable and will be great development for the person in question; but what is this role?

The role of "training, coaching and quality manager" is not credible as he isnt doing this for the whole business just his business estate.

Suggestions please... what is his job title?!


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How about

Training and Development Manager?

Personal Development Manager?

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Quality Consultant

Cause training,coaching fall under the broad umbrella of quality, that aims at delivering exceptional customer service


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Quality Assurance Manager?

All the various tasks the role performs are about ensuring Standards are maintained.

Account Manager


Inbound Quality Assesor !!!

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I would also suggest Quality Supervisor

Hi All,

Just to let you know, went with Quality Coordinator in the end.




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Looks like none of us came up with the winning answer (although quite a number got the quality bit right)!

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