CRM which can handle companies, contractors and customers

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CRM which can handle companies, contractors and customers
We are a small business in the UK. We have a product which is installed at multiple locations.

We get telephone calls from these locations for support.

Support calls come to our call centre from customers and from contractors - these could be electricians or plumbers. need to be able to log the call/email
- under the callers name
- showing the company they work for
- showing which customer it’s for
- showing what site they are visiting.

I should then be able to look at the contact history by
1. Selecting the customer to show all contacts relating to that customer, whichever contractor or site it’s for;
2. Selecting the contractor to show all contacts relating to that contractor;
3. Selecting the site to show all contacts relating to that site

This seems to be a problem for most CRMs I've looked at so far. Zendesk, Freshdesk, Salesforce amongst others. The only way it seems to be possible is by having the location as a tag. This doesn't really work for us as we need to be able to have address details, email, phone numbers etc. For customers, contractors and sites.

Does anyone know of a cloud based CRM/Call centre software which can do this?



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Use multiple entries for the same customer
It's a bit of a common problem in Field Service where say you have one customer and 10 sites.

The relationship between company, contacts and where things are installed is tricky

Generally it is easier to represent things based on where they are physically installed as a separate thing or entity.

So this may look like 10 different customers in the CRM database.
So you set up as
- Customer Manchester
- Customer Liverpool
- Customer Newcastle etc
They could have different or common contact details.

It can cause problems with billing etc but can be much easier to deal with in practice.

You can then use pretty much which CRM system that you prefer.

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