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Crude Measures
The CC that my son works at (inbound sales/renewals) measures all sorts of things, of course, but when assessing how well or poorly individuals have done bases its conclusions mostly on conversion rates. These directly affect bonuses.

He has in recent months changed shift patterns - he now has experience of nearly all of the possible shifts. As a result of his own experience and through talking to others it is clear that conversion rates vary across the day with the lowest rates being in the evenings.

I (and he) was amazed to hear that no account of this is taken in the performance tables, bonus scheme or coaching and development.

How do other companies deal with this situation?

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Crude Measures
How do other companies deal with this situation?

Usually they don't a bonus is a bonus. If bonuses varied in size etc throughout the day then salespeople being what they are (usually after the highest commission/bonus) would all try and get on the better earning shifts. The company would be unable to manage its staffing levels. If your son has a choice I suggest he does this.
If your son doesn't have a choice in hours worked then is it fair that a company pays higher bonuses just because staff make less sales at particular times of day - what did the member of staff influence in that instance to deserve a bonus? Its fairer just to pay the same bonus per sale irrespective of the hour it was achieved in. Propensity to buy from the buyer cannot be separated from motivation to sell by the agent who also fluctuates throughout the day according to varying factors - hunger, fatigue, motivation, environmental factors, psychological factors, technology problems etc
Where does it say that all staff walk home with equitable amounts every week?

OK, so the performance tables should be separated into daytime and evening shifts (thats usual). Coaching and monitoring is the same whether it is daytime or evening (a difficult customer is a difficult customer irrespective of time of day and the agents motivation will vary as described above), but as for equalising bonuses I cant see it happening.
Are they are selling to different markets at differnt times of day, in which case its all whole new ball park....


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