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CSR Recognition Progra
I need to have an idea of any call center recognition program.We believe that recognition is very essential for call center reps for motivation and relieving the stress they face while taking calls.

What are the criteria on evaluating reps and accordingly recognizing them?
Does the criteria being changed every month?
How do they announce for the best employee? Do they have more than one employee recognized at the same time.


Reynard Thomson Ltd.

Hi Reham,

We had a similar(ish) discussion back a couple of weeks ago https://www.callcentrehelper.com/forum/does-anyone-have-any-good-tips-for-staff-motivation-18.htm

Does anyone have any good tips for staff motivation?, but basically the most important thing is to motivate your staff - this is a reward that benefits both employee and employer.

Reward and recognition are tools to this end, and ideas such as 'supervisor day' (where the operator's supervisor does the operator's shift for them), bonuses, and simple respect can all be used to good effect.

This a good point for DND to join in the discussion, methinks...



DND Services

Thanks John...
Reham Hi.

Firstly, I'd like to understand what it is you are trying to achieve through this 'scheme'.

What do you feel will change in the business as a consequence of running this scheme?

What difference do you wish your customers to see as a consequence of this scheme?

They may appear 'simple' questions but without your answer its only possible to deliver to you 'motherhoods and apple pie' as its called and that rarely delivers real results. Once we know exactly whatyou are trying to achieve we go to work with you and I'm sure we can help you.


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