CTI in the call centre industry

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CTI in the call centre industry
Hi all, I've been away for a while as I have taken a new role and have been extremely busy with that but thought I would check in to see how things have been going..

I would like to gain a picture of how CTI is used within various organisations and whether you consider it to be useful to your operation, horror and success stories etc.

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CTI the little engine that couldn't
For more than the decade that CTI has been around it has been touted to be the next big thing...the problem is, this never happened. CTI adoption today is still only about 31%, so why is this?
Well the costs especially initally were very high and this affected early adoption, secondly the tangible benefits (AHT reduction by eliminating say 20 seconds of each call) only worked if you had a stable customer base that called you from the same number(s). If you had this then you had a viable ROI proposition. Unfortunately many organizations do not have this type of customer base...many have high churn of their customers and/or have high volumes of 'one-off' customers who only call once and then are gone. More recently privacy concerns and regulation presents some challenges to adopting CTI as it may make it impossible for a customer to make a 'blind' inquiry of an organization.

For my part CTI can be a valuable tool for enhancing the customer experience and can also assist an organization in effectively managing its operations and comms cost, but only if they have a stable, repeat caller driven customer base.

Anyway thats my take on CTI. I hope that this information is useful.

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In defence of CTI

On the other hand one of the most impressive uses of CTI
was booking with BA see the thread below on good customer service.

List of best call centres


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CTI Can Be a great tool
I read the thread and agree 100%. CTI can be a great tool and your BA experience highlights what it can deliver...Great service in a timely manner.

I am by no means anti-CTI, I have utilized it in a number of centres, but in a high churn environment, with little or no repeat callers it often cannot be effectively cost justified.


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Depends on what you mean by CTI
CTI is a very useful tool, and doesn't just have to mean 'screen-pops'. We use CTI for almost every client in out center one way or another:

1) Dialer: We have built an integrated preview dialer application on top of CTI and our ACD. This allows us to avoid having the agent dial the call, and we can attach data to the ACD call records that points to the customer record. So we can find out 'how long does a call take that results in a sale as compared to a not interested?'

2) Dispositioning: At least on Aspect, their built in dispositioning is pretty cruddy. It doesn't do any error checking and doesn't require dispositions. With CTI we can have a desktop app collect the dispositions for inbound calls (providing the agents with a drop down list of the only choices they have).

3) Scripts: We have a client with 35 different scripts depending on the phone number the person called into. With CTI, we just pop to the right script so the agent knows what particular product the customer is calling about, and in case of DRTV, which ad they even got the number from.

4) Multimedia blending: Our CTI server also controls our queuing for our chat program. So our agents can receive a chat or a phone call but not both at the same time (unless specifically requested).

5) And of course we do use screen popping, but not based on callerid because that is unreliable. We prompt the customer for their ticket # (this is a tech support line) and the agent is able to greet the customer by name and have their ticket up when they get on the line. This is important in tech support where people are already frustrated and they want to know immediately that they aren't going to have to re-explain themselves.

6) Future: We are looking at using CTI to truly integrate our ACD and predictive dialer systems so we can have the best of both worlds. I am still researching this.

Hope this helps.

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