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Customer Contact Examples
Afternoon folks,

Looking for a little feedback from anyone who operates telephony/email/social and webchat functions. We're a major retail corp and I am looking into smarter approaches in customer contact and methods around it. Really wanted to get some feedback on what has been working best for you and possibly share some best practices...

So at present nearly all of our contact points no matter the stream result in our agent attempting to call and contact the customer where possible and resolving the issue there and then to improve our FCR metrics. With that said we're finding more and more people want to be replied to on the method they initially made their enquiry - for instance a tweet being replied to by dm'ing the customer or an email in reply to a customer conatact email.

Just putting it out there to see what works for you where you are, and what potential journeys you may have been on that has smart shaped or streamlined your processes.

Many things to implement where I am - this is one thing I am looking at as part of a piece of customer experience/journey improvement.



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Hey Matt,

We are a US retailer and have seen our sales increase along with retention when replying to customers across the same stream. We have not seen any disadvantages as yet by doing things this way. We also have improved customer first time resolution trates as we can address these contacts quicker and sometimes more duirectly.

Thanks, Good Luck,
*A well known US sneaker company*

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