Customer Feedback for ASA

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Customer Feedback for ASA
We aim to answer 80% of calls within 20 seconds and to have no more than 2% of calls abandoned after 20 seconds
These targets are ambitious against the industry standard but are often met, if not exceeded
This results in an inflated team size – designed to meet service levels, not volume of calls – with twice the industry average of idle time waiting for the next call.
Has any one got any research or asked their customer base how important speed of answer is to them that they would be prepared to share


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80% of calls within 20 seconds is fairly standard
80% of calls within 20 seconds is fairly standard. Many answer calls faster than this, for some it is smaller.

Unless you are a very small centre - I would not say that it results in an inflated team size.

What size is your contact centre?

If you reduce your team size by just a few then the impact on customer service can be very dramatic.

But answering calls quickly is only one part of it. What you have to really look at is if you are solving the customer's problem.

Customers may be prepared to wait a few more seconds if there call is resolved. So you need to look at call resolution rates as well as customer satisfaction.

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