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We currntly use the daviker system and have an issue wheerby in the event that an agent cuts clients off i don't have the facicilty on the system to idntify who cut the call off i.e. the aent or the client. what I'd like to know is 1 does your system provide this information and how accurate is it. 2 if your current system dos, thn how is it reading the cause value to dentify this 3 for those of you who like myself don't have this facilty, then how do you over cme this in terms of aking action against the agent.

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This is a pretty standard requirement of knowing which end is disconnecting the call. We differentiate it as LOCAL_HANGUP (Agent) and REMOTE_HANGUP (Lead) . Reporting and filtering can be done on these. I am surprised the solution you have does not have this?

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