Daily Forecasted Volumes vs Growth Rate

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Daily Forecasted Volumes vs Growth Rate

I have been in Workforce planning for a few years (working myself up the ranks from real time monitoring to scheduling) but only recently been exposed to Forecasting. I have one inbound contact center where the growth rate is in a decline as call volumes are decreasing over the last five years. I have adjusted my growth rate accordingly but found that random days of the week my forecasted vs actual volumes are completely out (actual calls being more then forecasted). What would the next step be to get my daily forecast on par with my daily patterns? I do my weekly historical updates every week.


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Identify the drivers
There is probably a driver behind the increase in volumes and you may be able to model these.

You would need to do some analysis of reason codes or listening to calls to find out why.

Common reasons
- Marketing campaign
- Product launch
- Outage
- Mailing lands on doormat
- Weather
- Something on the news (very common right now)

The key is to find out what is driving it and to see if you can model the effect.

Thank you Jonty. I a...
Thank you Jonty. I assumed the same. I'm looking at all the possibilities and going through the different call reasons, increase in repeat calls etc. As it is one of our accounts/billing environments I will also meet with the billing department to confirm if they are having issues related to late billing runs or increases in service/account suspensions, resulting in more customers calling in.

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