Daily leave %

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Daily leave %
Hi, What % of staff do you allow on leave each day, is there an industry standard. Thanks Christine


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As many as you can
Where possible you want to allow as many staff as possible to take leave when they want.

But you also need to preserve service level. It is all about providing cover.

A good rule of thumb is to allow a maximum of 25% of the staff off at the same time.

Align leave with resource planning
Hi Christine,

In my current operation, we adjust annual leave depending on our demand data which enables us to plan resourcing. For example, Monday's are on average 20% busier, therefore reduce annual leave slots for this day. In addition, one of my teams have a spike in demand in September & October, therefore we reduce slots in those months and pro-actively encourage teams to take annual leave before or after these months.

Hope that helps

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