Dashboard Outbound

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Dashboard Outbound
Hi ,

I want to create a smart dashboard to follow my KPIs ( sales rate,contact rate,AHT,...) but i have some difficulties. Could someone help me or has an example ?

Thanks in advance for your help !


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Excel 3 x 4 grid
Generally I have found a 3 x 4 grid works best in landscape mode.

So 4 columns and three rows on a single A4 sheet. This allows you to print out all of the key data. Having a combination of tables, bar charts, pie charts can work well as well as some large headline figures.

What are the KPIs that you are looking to present? You mentioned sales rate, contact rate and AHT.

What are the others?

Dashboard kpi
Thanks for your help.i need 1 dashboard to be able to monitore an outsourcing call center , my kpi are :

Contact rate
Conversion rate
Quality indicator dashboard
Service level

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