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I'm trying to introduce a new way on reporting how my call centre meets with my customers KPI's other than the usual Excel graphs.

What I need is something to show the previous two months KPI's, I was thinking along the line of a Dialed dashboard, whereby a Dial would show an outer & inner ring. The outer ring being last Months results, and the inner ring being last but one month, this would show at a glance a comparison.

Would appreciate any help, comments or downloads anyone is aware of.


KPI spreasheet
I have an excel spreadsheet that you might like to have a look at. The graphs are shaped as dials and the last couple of months represented as different distances round the dial. The Target is shown as a needle.

I've asked Jonty to put this link to the spreadsheet in for me https://www.callcentrehelper.com/images/goodies/kpidashboardv2.xls

Please feel free to have a look and play with it. You can change the headings and all the numbers. If you'd like some help making something to your own specification then you can also contact me through Jonty.

Many thanks for the link that is perfect for what I need, however, how can I change the Inner rings to show three different colours ?, and if possible change the number of Inner circles.

Many thanks again for the help and for the web helppage I find it very informative abd helpful in the running of my call centre


If you want to have a go and change the colours of the sections on the charts you can do it like this:

Go to Tools, Protection then Unprotect Sheet. You don't need a password I just locked it so that things don't get changed accidentally

The way each graph is made is by using a pie chart on top of a donut chart. It might not be easy to select the donut rings unless the pie chart is moved out of the way but if you're careful you can click once just to the left of the black dial sector and be able to select a ring that represents one month of data.

If you click once again on one of the rings you should be able to select just one data point e.g. the one that says Month 1 in the middle. The selection will be surrounded by square markers.

Once you've done that double-click and you'll be able to format that singe data point. The box that comes up will allow you to select a different colour. Provided you've selected only that point then you'll be able to choose a colour for that single point.

You can then move on to the data point for Month 2 and choose another colour.

To change the number of inner circles you'd need to insert some columns of data for other months then add them as new series for the donut charts (Right click on a chart and click source data to see where the current series are being pulled from)

Let me know how you get on. If you get stuck I can ask Jonty to put another link up to help.

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