Designation or Money ??

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Designation or Money ??
Hi there,

I would like to initiate this topic today, which I guess is of paramount importance to people trying to make a career out in the ITES industry. What is it that one should pursue during the initial years of one's career. Consider a graduate with 3 to 4 years relevant industry experience entering the arena called "middle management".

Situation One:
A person with High Designation - Low salary

Situation Two:
A person with Low designation - Low salary

Situation Three:
A person with Low designation - High salary

Situation Four:
A person with High designation - High Salary

I'd like everyone here to contribute to each situation using their experience and I guess it's gonna assist many career enthusiasts learn and cope with this.




Middle Management Career in Call Center Industry

In the call center industry, in India, you have two options to progress. One is continuing in the operation side, like Agent, Team Leader, Supervisor and Call Center Manager. Another, switching to business side; as business developement executive, business manager, VP Sales like that. As most of the call centers are facing a paramount need of attracting the US Businesses, usually they go for VP-Opearations and VP Sales etc., Some small players who want to project a image may be having more VPs in their roll!
CEO, COO, CTO, CFO are some other projections.
For the compensation and benefits, what matters most is your experience coupled with your "pitch".
Switching jobs is common nowadays and those who do, go for a fancy "designation".However some standard companies are now looking at what is your progression in the career curve; whether there is any jump because of changing employers.
Compensation is usually high on the business developement side.
Some VP- Sales are getting just around 4 k $ per annum (ctc) whereas some junior biz. executives are paid 20 k $ per annum.
Generalising designation with salary may be a problem with different size players.

Director- Opearations and Executive Officer,
ARITHMA- Chennai, India.

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