Determine FTE for an email queue

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Determine FTE for an email queue
I am having trouble understanding where I am going wrong with my calculations in determining the correct level of staff needed for an email queue.

AHT = 86181 seconds (almost 24h response time, from case open to case closed)
Response time requirement = 86400 seconds (24 hours)
Avg daily email volume: 328
Avg emails assigned to 13 agents: 25

The problem is when I attempt to use Erlang formula and substitute the values it tells me I need an exorbitant amount of staff (700+) to complete these requests within the 24 hour response period. Where am I going wrong here?


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The problem is your Average Handling Time
If I can decode your email correctly, the problem in your calculation is your AHT value.

This is the amount of work that one individual needs to put into an item of work - not the elapsed time. I doubt if they spend 23 hours of effort on a single email.

I would suggest from what you are saying that if one agent handles 25 emails per day the AHT would be roughly 25 emails per day (7.5 hours). Or 25/ 7.5 = 3.33 emails per hour.

60/ 3.33 = 18 minutes of effort per advisor per email. This is the AHT figure to use.

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