Dialers (Avaya, Amcat and i3)

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Dialers (Avaya, Amcat and i3)
We are in the process of purchasing a dialler. It has come down to Amcat,Avaya and i3 and i'm leaning towards the i3 system. Can anybody give me feedback on these predictive diallers.


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If you are looking for the best predictive performance then then you really should look at the Softdial Plugin from Sytel.

In any event if you are focused on predictive performance but don’t have the time left to look at other dialers, there is a simple test you can do to see whether a predictive dialer is really predictive.

Assuming that you are running under compliance see what the dialer can achieve in terms of wait times, or talk time per hour and then simply, for the same or similar campaign, turn on progressive mode (i.e. one trunk per agent) and then see what the difference in performance is. Unless you can see a material difference you are looking at a dialer that is struggling to deliver under compliance. This may not matter if you don’t care about compliance, but it’s certainly something that won’t go away. It is still amazing how many buyers of technology don’t demand to see this simple comparison. Let me know if I can help further

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Thanks James, I would look at that..and yes we have to look at compliance as a major contributor in deciding the write dialer.

Pls let me know on i3 system, as we are not aware of anybody using i3..u know this is making a litlle difficult...in our choices

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Hi Nitin,

I have never used i3 or Amcat so couldn't really comment on them. I do have experience however of Unison (Aspect), EnsemblePro (Aspect), Avaya PDS (Proactive Contact) and Noble.

They all have their own benefits ranging from cost (Noble) to flexibility (Unison). However in my opinion the best all rounder I have used would have to be the Avaya as it basically does what it says on the tin.

Overall I have found it to be the most robust system with excellent AMD rates, CPA, reporting and ease of use to support home workers. Avaya also provide excellent SDK's (Development Kits) as part of Avaya's DevConnect community that allow you to script fantastic bespoke agent and reporting applications.

The roadmap for the future also looks good with extended reporting from Avaya's IQ product and the Proactive Contact moving to a Linux platform.

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Hosted Precitive Dialer
Hi Nitin

Another dialer solution could be a hosted dialer if you would like to supply an email address i could send you a link to some information

From what i understand this is very quick to set up and is quite cost effective



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Hosted Precitive Dialer
Hi John, appreciate if you could email me to cr.nitin at gmail.com (at should be replaced by @)



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Predictive Dialer
Hi Nitin,

Why dont you try Parsec. Its a feature rich, stable, scalable and cost effective solution based on dialogic platform. We had a very good experience with parsec, in terms of support, trouble shooting, feature request, customisation and reports. With a blended solution for inbound/outbound, the new version is comparable with Avaya, Amcat and I3 in terms of all the above matters.

Hope this helps you.



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Dialers (Avaya, Amcat and i3)
That helps Pankaj..
I will talk to them..

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My 2 cents
Just stay away from Noble Systems.

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Well!! instead of the hardwired dialers, call centers or other businesses tend to use soft diallers, and that is because the soft-phones and diallers are easy-to-use, flexible as well as easily upgradable. While on the other hand hardwired diallers limit the working options, as they are costly. Although it suggested to use soft-diallers but if a customer asks for and feels that it is more reliable then we go by the need of the customer. We provide call centers with VoIP services and we can be reached at CallCenterHosting

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