Does the weather influence the mood of the caller?

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Over the last few days we've had more 'unhappy' customers than normal calling up, but for typical queries that wouldn't normally be an issue. I'm wondering if this heatwave has gotten people a more hot and bothered than usual resulting in them getting a bit less patient....has anyone else noticed this?

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I would have to say yes! I've noticed we've had more calls passed to TL's and the agents are dealing with many more difficult customers in the past 7-10 days.

I didn't put it down to the weather but now you've mentioned it it does make sense.

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I think we are all affected by the weather , when its hot and sunny we feel good and when it rains and is grey we feel not so good , In Scotland anything close to a heatwave is heaven so we try not to complain

We are all connected to the biorythems of the planet that affects our moods

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Yeah obviously weather affects on the mood of caller.

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