Drop Out Rates During Onboarding Training

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Drop Out Rates During Onboarding Training
Hi, I'm looking to benchmark what sort of dropout rates you all have during induction/onboarding training. So for every intake of 10 people you start with, how many complete the training and go live?
It would be good to know your drop out v completion rates (on average) your organisation industry and location plus any other details (e.g. your recruits have or haven't worked in a call centre before, whether you think you pay well, whether your geography helps/hinders etc) you are able to share to help me add colour to the data collected.
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I would say that around 3 in 10 drop out on average
It's difficult to put a figure on this as it varies so much. It may be the sort of thing that is worth building into a survey that looks at other areas as well.

I would say that the average drop out rate is probably around 3 in 10, but this very much depends upon the type of company, the type of call and how they work their recruitment process.

Onboard Training
We have an issue with turnover of staff and are currently trying to understand why. Our locations are all over the country and the contact centre at each location can vary from 5 up to 15. We have a very heavy inbound call queue and it is trying to manage staff training against operational need. Put them on the phone too soon and the AHT shoots through the roof impacting the rest of the service levels but don't give that agent enough time to learn the business before letting them loose on taking calls and the rest of the contact centre suffer being short staffed. How does everyone handle that? My priority would be hiring the right staff and making sure that they are trained sufficiently but the atmosphere becomes very "charged" when the rest of the staff are trying to keep up with the level of call traffic in to the business. I think this might be a factor to people not staying as they seem to think that the call centre environment is too stressed when in fact it would be much better once that agent is live. Does anyone else have the same issue?

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