Dual Band Voice cancelling Headsets

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Guys, We are looking at getting staff new headsets. Since we started we always operate the Single Side voice Tube by plantronics. We now looking at giving all staff dual band voice cancelling headset as a lot staff complain about 'Not hearing or customer not hearing agents' Has anyone else experienced this with VoiceTube Headsets?

Does anyone know how we would know if we need Digital or Analogue U10 cable.

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Last year we did a complete review of all our headsets as we were getting the same response from out advisors and customers.

I contacted PLANTRONICS who were fantastic in helping us understand what the problem was and possible solutions.

They did a site visit and through detailed questions and listening to some calls and observing our call centre they made a couple of suggestions ,loaned us some headsets so we could trial them.

All of this was free (they do not sell direct) so when it came to purchasing we looked at a supplier and neg a price etc (headset - Supra plus)

The contact that I used was LesleyAnne.HAWKINS@plantronics.com -

I would not normally put a specific company details through but I have to say thier help and recomendations saved me time and the company money by finding the correct solution 1st time.



Totally agree with tnorthsands. PLANTRONICS is the best headset that i have used so far.Though we don't have dedicated headsets for agents PLANTRONICS seems to be really durable when comparing with the other products in the market

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Hi everyone,

In my contact center I have 16 agents and we currently use 2 types of Plantronics dual ear headsets, EncorePro & Supraplus. The headsets are pretty new (just about 6 months old) and my agents have such a hard time hearing the patients and they don't block out noise made in the call center. I've been trying to research headsets that both block out noise and also have clear audio, but have come up empty.

I have also tried to get tester headsets to try and have been told we need to purchase them to test them out. Do you have any suggestions?


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Hi Laura

I use an Encore Pro in the car and it is great for noise cancelling.

It sounds like one of two problems

1. Your phone system is either not giving enough audio or is mismatched to your phone system. Sometimes there can be a mismatch in impedance.

Try phoning the Plantronics help desk. They may be able to help getting out more audio.

2. There is too much background noise in the contact centre.

Putting in some noise baffles or acoustic panels would help to reduce noise, as would things like plants or soft furnishings.

Here is an article that provides some more pointers.


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Thank you Jonty! I'm going to contact my telephone vendor about looking into our system to see if there is a mismatch, then Plantronics and then speak to IT about white noise generator and the echo cancelation equipment. This is a great site, I'm glad I found it!


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