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E learning Software
Hi all,

I'm looking for some recommendations! Does anyone use e-learning in their call centres? If so which companies have you used?


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I've never seen much eLearning
Funnily enough no one has ever mentioned to me on my site visits that they use eLearning software, but that may be because I have never asked.

It may be worth contacting other training people on LinkedIn who work in contact centres and asking the question to them. I will do the same on LinkedIn.

If you find any results please let me know.


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Articulate and Captivate
I put the message out on LinkedIn and got a good number of responses.

The most common packages seem to be Articulate and Adobe Captivate.

What do you want it to do?
Hi there, I run a contact centre training provider (Ember Real Results) and the most important question is what do you want the e-learning to do?
It can be used to 'speed' up classroom time (e.g. pre-boarding for induction and pre-training to cover ground). It can be used for post-training reminders as as much as 70% of classroom training can be forgotten if not followed up.
It can be used to prove compliance and also to test knowledge. Our platform sends a daily quiz and "gamifies" contact centre learning. It also drives traffic into the LMS or knowledge base with a link to the 'correct' answer when the learner gets it wrong. I'm happy to talk to anyone further about this and arrange a demo if required.
Articulate is good, it's specifically Storyline 2 you want. Adapt is also good and free.

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