E-mail management in the Contact Centre

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E-mail management in the Contact Centre
Anyone got any good ideas on how to resource for e-mails into a contact centre?

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Email Management
Three Choices
1.) Envelope Strategy- Use email to smooth the peaks and valleys in your voice support. This is difficult to manage and you must be willing to sacrifice your email SLA
2.) Dedicated Teams- Self Explanatory- good plan but only if it can be supported by the volume- "people can either talk or write- rarely both"
3.) Outsource- Look to an outside partner to manage the whole process for you. You can get the quality you need at a fraction of the cost.

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people can only talk or write - rarely both
Hi Andrew.

You said "people can either talk or write - rarely both". Why do you say that? Most of the people I have worked with have been fairly decent at both.



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Talking or writing
Hi Bob,

I think Andrew means that individuals will be allocated to one task or the other, rather than splitting their time between both. Reading between the lines I suppose this is so that there is less time spent adapting between the differentrequirements/environments of either task.

Andrew, am I right in my 'reading between the lines'?


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E-mail Management
An increasing amount of call center traffic is now being handled by email. So, you can follow certain tips that may help you in email management:-
1)Provide structured contact forms so you get everything you need first time.
2)Use separate systems for internal and external emails.
3)Send different queries to different inboxes to help give agents variety.
4)Combine email templates with a personal response.
5)Send out an auto-response to help manage customer expectations.

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