Email/Back Office SLA based requirement

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Email/Back Office SLA based requirement
Hello everyone!

Is there a way to calculate Email (or Back Office) requirements based on Service Level Agreements? The thing is, I'm calculating requirement based on workload of emails, daily email workload per agent (65 per agent per shift), shift time, while considering shrinkage.

The current SLA is to have 80% of the emails answered within the first 24 hrs. However we are looking to see the reduction on requirement if we increase the SLA to 80% within the first 72 hrs.

I understand the it is not possible to calculate email requirement based on SLA as the emails don't abandon after a certain amount of time, but I'm out of ideas here. Could you recommend a method on how to tackle this problem?


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Nature of emails
You may be surprised but the nature of emails means that there is almost no difference in staffing levels needed from answering 80% of emails in 24 hours and 80% in 72 hours.

This probably sounds quite counter intuitive, but numerous simulations have shown this to be the case.

The reason why people extend the target response time is because they are understaffed and want to pretend that they are they are meeting their targets.

But if you don't answer a customer's email within 24 hours then there is a good chance that the customer will phone you. This now means that you have two contacts to deal with an not one. This in turn makes service levels worse.

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