Energisers Activites for Call Centre Team

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Does anyone have any good energisers they use within their centres that they would be willing to share?

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I'm sorry, what exactly do you mean?

Mark, I have a pack of training material that includes energisers, ice breakers, role plays etc



Explanation of energisers
For the benefit of Marianne, an energiser is the term for a training exercise designed to energise delegates, they are frequently used when energy and attention levels are dropping (after lunch is a typical example). Their purpose is to energise delegates and provide a mental break, frequently they involve physical activity. Experiential learning techniques sometimes use theoretical and reflective energisers dependdent on learning styles of delegates.


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Hmm... Only once have we had a supervisor who did anything like that and it was just a 'Seventh Inning Stretch'. I'll mention it to the Ops. Mgr. I am sure he's heard of it, but maybe he can tell me why it isn't used around here (not just my company, but the 2 previous centers I have worked for).

Thanks for the info!

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This might be a bit late, but I've only just stumbled across this thread!

I use quite a few energisers, but my personal favourite one is dividing the delegates up into three's, getting one to be the mummy and two to be the wrappers, giving them a roll of cheap toilet paper, and giving them a minute to try and wrap up the mummy like a mummy! If a team breaks their toilet paper, then they have to stop! At the end, you see what team have the most 'Wrappage' (If thats a word?)

It's a bit of fun, but you can then discuss the ideas of "Does slow and steady win the race?" Which may also be a good example and reflective point for the product you are training!

Watch health and safety though; starting at the head and wrapping down is normally the best, although cheap toilet paper ain't gonna trip anyone up!


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Looking for energisers

If you search the internet there hundreds of ideas for energisers, some will be good some will not but I have found is you usually get some good ideas and adapt your own from there.

There are also lots of free training company websites to join which will send you regular e-mail newsletters with good ideas and techniques.

Good luck




Energisers & Activities
Hi Esther, Mark,
I require some energisers and idea of fun activities too.Any ideas?


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Here's a sample of energizers
HI Meeta

Sorry if this is somewhat late, but I only happen to visit this forum just fairly recently. Here's one of the game energizers I can recommend for you.

One of the energizers I found useful is writing in a piece of paper a message that should be passed on to the next member as quickly as possible until it would reach the last member. The last person who received it should pass it on to the game coordinator, stating the exact words contained or the content of that message. The group that was able to finish first must relay it to the game coordinator, however, the most important and crucial part of the game would be how precise and correct the exact meaning of the message was when it was received by the participant. Thus, allowing to see the significance of having the ability to understand what the message is all about in a time pressured environment.

If you need more energizer activities, just let me know.

Have a good day!


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I hope I'm not too late to post this, but here goes...

I put 20 silly items from the dollar store into a grab bag and asked each Agent to pick an item from the bag and come up with atleast one way that the object represented a job task or trait associated with being a Call Center Agent. For example, a big floppy hat was used by one Agent to explain that it is our job to "protect" our customer's personal information. Another Agent picked a magnifying glass and explained that as an Agent, he has to look very closely at customer's information to make sure he answers their questions correctly.

It's always interesting to hear what they come up with!



Hi Jennifer,

Interesting posting, many of the examples listed on this page are simply games with limited thought regarding their place or value within the training cycle. Energisers are specifically used to energise delegates when attention and energy is flagging, games and exercises are very different and serve a completely different purpose within the training cycle.

"It's always interesting to hear what they come up with!"......yes but whats the point? I as always taught that energisers/ exercisers and games are not about satisfying trainer curiosity or novelty value. Many older agents I train would find this type of energiser pointless and patronising.

I'm curious what is your rationale behind it and how does analysis of the symbolic value of dollar objects fit into a systematic learning cycle? If it is simply an energiser what type of energiser is it?

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I understood the purpose of the forum was to share ideas and experiences that someone else may find useful or helpful.

I'm not finding any directions outlining that postings have to be something that you are personally looking for - obviously the "WORLD-WIDE WEB" revolves around you???



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Not at all, not at all, its just that given the first posting at the top of the page/topic asks

>>Does anyone have any good energisers they use within their centres that they would be willing to share?

and your posting is entitled "Energizer",

it would seem reasonable and relevant to consider posting one.

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The way I have always seen it is that Energisers are used to 'pep things up' a bit when things are flagging, either midway through a heavy session or after a long break, eg: lunch.

Therefore I've always seen it that they may simply be a silly game that get people out of their chairs and moving around, as well as something that may be more relevant to the course.

Whilst it can be good to have something that will enable the delegates to learn, surely sometimes its just as valid to have a bit of fun ?

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