Entitlement to screen breaks

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I work for an inbound call-centre spending 100% of my working day staring at a VDU. I believe that H&S regulations mean that we should be entitled to regular paid screen breaks. This doesn't happen I work. I've not done call-centre work in the past so I'm curious as to whether other people doing similar work get these breaks.

Thanks for any help.

There are some regulations about call centre work. (but not the one you mention, which is only a recomendation)

Most important are the Display screen equipment regulations:

http://www.hse.gov.uk/msd/dse/guidance.htm and


also see:




which I hope are also of interest.

notice these are minimum requirements.

When these regulations are not followed it is maybe worthwhile to inform the commercial health and safety department of the council where your workplace is.


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There is also the Government minimum on rest breaks that you should have a break of 20 minutes if you work 6 hours or more.


q&a's interesting but irrelevant artices, sorry but they are dated 1999-2004 and from a government in power long ago, I agree with first post, after spending my entire time looking at a screen for 2.5 hours solid, my eyes can take as much as half my entire break getting back used to the natural environment around me

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Are you saying you don't get a lunch break or are not allowed to get up to get a glass of water or go to the toilet?

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