Erlang C on Google App Script (Google Sheets)

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Erlang C on Google App Script (Google Sheets)

I've been looking for a Google Sheets Erlang C calculator, but all my researches led to this one site:

This calculator works great, but it doesn't include Shrinkage. Plus you cannot adjust the Reporting Period to half an hour (it is set to 1 hour by default, and it cannot be modified).

In the past few years, as a workforce analyst I managed to build tons of Excel tools with "built-in" Erlang C formula (I exctract the VBA code from the Free Erlang C Calculator in Excel Spreadsheet format, and embedded into my own WFM excel tools as new functions). Lately my company's been migrating into G-Suite, and I need to "translate" VBA Erlang C functions into Google App Script.
Unfortunately, I'm not familiar with JavaScript language, and I was wondering if anyone could help.
Does anyone know a Free Erlang C Calculator in Google Sheets that includes shrinkage and adjustable reporting period?



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Hi Gianluca ...
Hi Gianluca

Thanks for highlighting this.

We looked to see it was possible to produce a Google Sheets version of our Excel Erlang Calculator but it proved too difficult.

Erlang C on Google App Script (Google Sheets)
Plus one for this!
This would be soo helpful.

1 hour to 30 minutes
Hi, you can take the script from the Erlang calc you called out above and convert it 30 minutes by searching for 3600 and replace with 1800. It will then calculate off 1800 seconds instead of 3600 giving you half hour requirements. Hope this helps!

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