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I'm using the Erlang calculator provided by Call Centre Helper. When loading the information I find that the predicted service level area is saying zero % for certain time frames while others show a percentage. Can someone explain what goes into that specific topic?

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Hi D Sowl,

The 0% was due to according to Erlang C calculation, you will meet 0% SLA due to insufficient resources allocated in that interval. You can try to reduce the AHT or increase the number for FTE at that interval then you will see the percentage moving up.

0% SLA even though minimal required
Vol =10, AHT=120 scheduled agent= 9 ; Required = 15 showing 0% SLA
Required formula ==(Vol*AHT)/((1-6%(Overhead)*900(quarte interval)..

Can you please explain why erlang shoiwng 0% SLA

Emmamuel, Use the Er...
Emmamuel, Use the Erlang C calculator on this web site. You don't need 9 agents to handle 10, two-minute calls in 30 mins. Always best to calculate the base number of agents needed to meet the desired service level with the volume and AHT first. Then add on time for breaks, meals, meetings, sick, vacation, training, etc.

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