Erlang FTE's with days off in a 7 day/12 hours a day operation

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Erlang FTE's with days off in a 7 day/12 hours a day operation
Hello all,
I have acquired an FTE count with the Erlang Calculator, but I am hazy on a detail.
10000/day volume
512 AHT
80/30 SL
Shrinkage of 20%
Max Occ of 85%
12 Hour days.

Erlang gave me a 295.3 FTE. I know that is my daily FTE, but I am not sure if that is the total staff needed. Mainly because these agents will have 2 days off given that it is 7 days a week. If I were to staff all 295 on M - F for example, that means Sat and Sun would have 0 agents. If I divided them up, I wouldn't be able to reach 295 FTE on each day. Do I need to staff up from this number since I would need more than 295 FTE to cover required days off? I'm sure I may be missing something, but I was hoping someone may be able to tell me whether or not I'm looking at that wrong. I hope I have given all the information.



Call Centre Helper

This is where the scheduler comes in
To get answers like this you need to generate a schedule.

The schedule tool will help you. You need to start with the Erlang calculator

Select a period of a week and either enter the split of calls or use the upload facility. This will give you the daily call arrival figure. Once you have run this you can then run an example schedule

It does not yet give you the option to change the shifts but it should give you a good example about how to start building the schedules.

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