Erlang / Service Level and Intervals

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Erlang / Service Level and Intervals
I have been using your helpful Erlang calculator download, specifically the excel sheet with the =ServiceLevel macro. I have built 3 different day models of my contact centre stats. 1 using 15 min interval Service Level calcs, and also 30 mins interval and 1 hour interval.
I maybe expected to get 3 slightly different Service Level predictions for the day but wasn't expecting the following:
15 min intervals = 73% for the day
30 min intervals = 71% for the day
1 hr intervals = 80% for the day

So I'm having trouble working out which is best to use and model on!

I have used the same data for each, albeit I've had to average the agents’ number for the 30 min and 1 hour as I have it in 15 mins. I understand that would vary the SL prediction slightly but wasn't expecting a lower value at 30 mins than 15, and the highest at 1 hr. I think it’s something to do with the fact I have a 535 second AHT - so maybe 15 mins is too short to model a 9 minute AHT on, and maybe 1 hr is too long.?

So I suppose what I'm asking is does anyone know of any best practice around what interval to model on based on your AHT? Or any explanations as to the variation I have in my 3 models?

Any help or explanations appreciated.



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Interval should be at least twice the AHT
Generally it is better to use a 15 minute interval- as it is more granular, but only if your AHT is reasonably short.

Since your AHT is 9 minutes, then it is usually recommended to have an interval of twice your AHT.

In your case 30 minutes would be a better interval to use.

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