Escalation/support line

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Escalation/support line
Hi, in my call center we have a support line set up for newer agents to use when they need help on a call or for when a call needs escalated to a supervisor. This support line has now become more of a “I just want to make sure” line for some of the agents. I am needing ideas on how me and my team can help the agent feel confident in the knowledge that they have gained since joining the team so that they can effectively help the customer. At the same time I do not want them to think that we do not want them to ask questions or that we are unwilling to help them.


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Training, coaching and call listening
I think that it all boils to three areas.

Training, coaching and call listening.

You probably are not training people very well and it could be that you are not offering refresher or update training after the induction period.

Once you can identify where the problems are it s really down to call listening and to coaching. Finding out their areas of weakness in confidence and seeing how yo build on these.

"I just want to make sure" sounds like a good thing to me. It ensures that the customers get the right answers. Is there some form of insecurity or culture that jumps down hard on people getting it wrong. You won't find out until you have those coaching conversations.

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