EWFM manual

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EWFM manual
Manuals needed for ewfm

Workforce Management

IBM Business Services Inc.

ewfm manual
Anybody who can help me get a manual of ewfm it would be appreciated. thanks


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eWFM Manual
Hi there,

I am using version 6.1 at the moment and have an electronic version of the manual for this version if you require it.

The latest release in June was version 7.0. There have been 3 upgrades since, so it is a wee bit out of date as some of the upgrades (esp v7.0) were quite large.

Drop me a line at wheres_sonic@yahoo.co.nz and I will send a copy of it to you if you still require it.


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<p>hey folks, i am new here but have a question for you.

i am attempting to learn Aspect for a job posting coming up and would like to find a tutorial for it if at all possible. i saw a different thread topic about this, but it is locked.

any help would be appreciated. i really need to learn at least the basics for this assesment.

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Aspect eWFM Manuals
Hi, Can anyone send me manuals on Aspect eWFM? I am interested in Ver 6.1, 6.4 or Ver 7. If anyone has CBT materials either I would be interested.

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Aspect eWFM Manuals
Hi, If anyone has time to send me manuals for Aspect eWFM..... my e-mail address is hayesway@gmail.com

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Aspect eWFM Manuals

The Aspect site contains the user guides for versions 6.3, 6.4 and version 7.0 of eWFM. I currently use 6.1 which is so old that Aspect no longer have the manual on their site and as a result I had to get sent to me directly.

If you want version 6.1 send an email to the address that I listed in my previous post, however if you are using a later version its best to register with Aspect and get the applicable version from them.



aspect ewfm manual
could someone send me a technical manual? I cannot seem to find, even on aspect's site.

thank you!

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Aspect eWFM Technical Manuals
<p>Please share the technical manuals of the Aspect eWFM v 7.*. Would appreciate it. Many thanks.</p>

kindly send me aepec...
kindly send me aepect user manual how we uploade forecasting and scheduling in aspect

Help needed, I curre...
Help needed, I currently work with NICE IEX WFM (prev Totalview), i will be going across to aspect ewfm shortly & need to understand the definitions a little better for example at the moment im working with EGs/CT's/Queues/Skills/MU's however they use forecast groups which need the same amount of staff groups & im unsure how to align it so i understand it better.

Aspect Manual

I am needing a manual for Aspect as well as I am setting it up.

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Hi all, You a...
Hi all,

You are welcome to contact Colin Whelan (principal solutions consultant for WFO) if they need anything – colin.whelan@aspect.com

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