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i have been assign to forecast call volume in our new RTM team. for the momment im currently using a simple method by combining trend and average.

any one can share with me an excel template to forecast call volume? really appreciate.

yeah, simple forecasting will not work, you need to include seazonality in many cases, but i do not know simple templates to do it with excel.


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We have a free erlang calculator that could help you on your way


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Maxim, yes I did include seasonal data together but this is done manually.

Jonty, thanks for sharing but as per my understanding erlang is to forevast service level. We currently are using erlang c.

What I want to forecast right now is the call volume.

Fyi now average of our forecast is about 90%..plus and minus.

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Suggest as Seasonal that you work with a rolling 6week demand data and use that to forecast your coming 4 weeks.

Depending on how effective your First Contact Resolution is, you may have repeat contact in your demand (failure demand) which will inflate your actual incoming volumes.

Find a month period where your contact was "comfortable" and where performance was good and get a view contacts per customer to get your best view on "what good looks like" and compare to current contacts per customer to see if you have failure demand.

i actually using excel forecast formula - which combination average and trend..

and after that manually change the volume base on historical data..

as per now success rate 90%...

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