Extreme Spike in Call Volume

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Extreme Spike in Call Volume
For our company we deal with extreme spikes in call volume when we run ads.

For example: at 11am and 1pm we may get 50-75 calls. However, in the 12pm hour we run an ad and might have 250 calls. With 5 of those minutes accounting for 200.

They are not evenly spread out.

How can you go about staffing for that without having 200 agent idle 95% of the time.


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A number of options
There are a number of options
1. Work with marketing to get clever on when the adverts go out, so that you have maximum coverage available.
2. Can you use homeworkers who can work at fairly short notice so that they are ready when the adverts go out.
3. Similarly with an outsource provider
4. Can you bring in other people in the company for short periods - admin staff etc.
5. Can you have use a Call back or virtual queue solution? So that when you have someone available you can call someone back.
6. Staff for the higher volumes and get teh staff to do other tasks when not taking calls.

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