Extremely Irate and inconsolable

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Extremely Irate and inconsolable
Hi all. I have been in CSR role for over 30 years. Last week I had an irate customer that was truly not willing to be consoled. I really try not to hang up on anyone, and I didn't this time. She wasn't cursing, just truly having a temper tantrum. I know and understand why she was angry, and I am great at talking people down.

Even though she had a valid reason for anger, we were in a weather situation that made any further escalation impossible.

Any suggestions in this case? I let her rant, emphasised, offered explanations, limited alternatives, sympathy etc for 25 minutes. Eventually she told me to F-off and hung up. That was the only time She swore. I am a high strung customer too, so was sincerely emphasizing.

I would welcome any feedback.


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Do not take it personally
No matter how good that you are there will always be times when you cannot win in a customer situation. Don't take it personally.
Try to forget this one and move on to the next.

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