Feedback channel of choice

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Feedback channel of choice
Hi All

I'm trying to work out what customers prefer when it comes to giving feedback. Considering voice is still the biggest channel in terms of traffic does that mean its getting most the feedback from customers on products and services or is social etc. preferred for feedback?


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It depends upon the customer preference and situation
I'm afraid that there is not a one size fits all solution for this question.

It all depends upon the age of the customer as well as the channel that the customer used, as well as how frequently that you ask the customers.

Email surveys are popular, but they have a low take up rate. SMS surveys are good but only if you are looking to ask one or two scoring questions. The other problems with SMS surveys are that replying to a message may cost the customer money or use up part of their allowance of texts.

Phone surveys can be challenging. The post call IVR surveys depend upon the caller remembering to stay on the line or require the advisor to remind the customer to stay on the line. This is open to bias as the advisor will tend to remind only the customers who have had a positive experience or may ask for a positive review in the survey.

The only

Thanks Jonty Rea...
Thanks Jonty
Really appreciate you responding. It was exactly what I was hoping for. This means feedback has room for disruption.


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